Employers' success stories

Mary Pittuck, HR and Risk Manager for NAAFI Sennelager, talks about how easy she found it to use FFJ to recruit staff. 


Do you have any challenges recruiting staff?   

Yes. We try to recruit from the local military community, as we believe those in the community are the best fit to help us serve that community. We understand the challenges that military families face balancing their working and family lives, including periods of long deployments, without the support from their family. We currently try to reach our target demographic by advertising positions using posters in our outlets and on community notice boards. In Germany, for example, we don’t have the ability to advertise within the community by any other means. The alternative is to recruit from the UK, which can be costly.  

How did you hear about Forces Families Jobs? 

Lindsay, our AFF contact in Germany introduced us to the idea and we jumped at the chance to try it! 

How easy did you find it to use? 

The process for advertising a post, through to looking at and responding to applicants was really easy. It took me no more than 10 minutes. It’s very simple. It’s very logical. Help is on hand if you do get stuck. I would highly recommend it. 

How have you continued to support spouses working for you during COVID-19? 

•We put safety measures in place in our outlets earlier than both the UK and Germany. This included hand sanitiser, screens in some outlets, one-way systems and social distancing measures. It is of utmost importance to us that we protect the welfare of our employees. 

•We have increased our services in the community so that we can vary our employee workload (with all the necessary safety measures in place). This includes a new evening hot food delivery service, the NAAFI Wagon visiting the quarters twice a day and a home shopping delivery service for those who are self-isolating. 

•In partnership with our occupational health providers, BUPA, we’ve made sure we communicate with all our employees about ways to maintain their mental health and wellbeing. 

•Where employees can work from home, we have enabled that to happen. 

•We have asked all employees who are at a higher risk to refrain from coming to work until we are satisfied that we can bring them back to work safely. 


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