Electronic Warfare Technical Leaders

Job Description

About the job


The convergence of electromagnetic, cyber, and information activities are critical to achieving UK Defence’s mission and requires coordination and integration across the joint force for success.

As part of the Cyber and Information System Division, the purpose of Electronic Warfare Technology and Enterprise (EWTE) Group is to develop science and technology concepts to exploit the electromagnetic spectrum; provide specialist technical advice to support the development of electronic warfare and electromagnetic activities capabilities; and build the UK contribution to an electromagnetic activities' enterprise. Specifically, the Group specialises in radio frequency (RF) electronic surveillance and electronic attack, as well as drawing together domain knowledge with specialist advice at the EW Enterprise level.
The capabilities of the Group work in harmony to support Defence in achieving its future aspiration, which includes joint action through exploiting information, being coordinated as a force, and more adaptable to changing circumstances.

EWTE supports Defence in developing the technology concepts vital for success in the areas of inform and attack, and crafting the UK contribution to an Electromagnetic Activities (EMA) enterprise.

To achieve this aim, we are looking for technical leaders in subject areas such as electronic warfare, radio frequency engineering, system engineering and software programming. You will lead on the delivery of technical work, developing the Group’s internal capability and co-ordinating sophisticated projects with our external partners.

Job description

We are looking for those who have:

The primary requirement for the role is the ability to lead technical work but are not necessarily encouraged to be deep specialists in the field. Ideally you will have some level of experience, knowledge and skills in any one or more of the areas listed below but candidates with broader S&T skills will be considered:

Cyber Security

In addition to the above, you will:

- Ideally, have an understanding of defence capability and passion for science and technology
- Be responsible for the successful delivery of sophisticated projects ranging from research to direct operational support.
- Ensure coherence across project and programme areas within the Division and wider Lab.
- Lead the development of technical skills across a broad range of subject areas including electronic warfare and defence capability.
- Act as a focal point for the development of new technical capabilities under the EWTE group’s core projects.
- Collaborate and develop relationships with the wider EW community and partners to turn military requirements into S&T.
- Be responsible for and give support to setting the direction of research to facilitate defence capability development.
- Depending on level - Assist the Group Leader with capability planning and technical strategy development across all capability areas of the EWTE Group.
- Depending on level - Assist the Group Principal with the EWTE Group’s capability benchmarking to figure out health of the Group
- Support Group activities such as technical forums and group lightening talks and the mentoring of junior staff.
- Represent the Group at technical forums and conferences both in the UK and abroad.



Demonstration of the ability to lead technical projects.


Analogue and digital electronics practical experience and theoretical knowledge
RF circuit design and implementation
Hardware, Software and Firmware design and implementation
Digital signal processor and Field Programmable Gate Array design and implementation
Software Programming and Embedded Software analysis
Ability to use standard electronic test equipment
Knowledge of Electronic Warfare tools and techniques
Mathematical modelling and data processing
Systems engineering
Electromagnetic activities
Cyber skills



A Degree or equivalent in a scientific or numerical subject area or an equivalent level of experience.


PHD in a scientific/numerical discipline.
Chartered Engineer status