Latent Print Examiner (Fingerprint Expert) - Deployable

Job Description

About the job


This is an exciting opportunity to join us in the UK Defence Exploitation Facility (UK DEF). We carry out exploitation of recovered materiel to provide impactful intelligence to support military and security operations.

The Identity Investigation Team (I2) focuses on the recovery, processing and analysis of biometric modes (such as Nuclear DNA and finger-marks) in circumstances where intelligence, or evidential value, may be acquired from personnel or materiel associated with the illicit use of explosives, or IEDs.

As Latent Print Examiners (LPE) within I2 we are responsible for providing specialist analysis, comparison and evaluation of friction ridge detail, using appropriate software and databases and for preserving continuity and integrity of evidence, supporting operations and providing high value, impactful intelligence for the wider intelligence community. We may also be involved in collaboratively supporting fingerprint laboratory activities participating in overseas deployment.

Job description

In this role you will:
• Join a flexible team providing expert ACE-V of finger, palm and plantar marks developed from recovered material, with prints taken from individuals in the course of an investigation.
• Examine MOD and Home Office related material in accordance with SOP’s, Dstl Health & Safety policy and designated priority criteria, to support operations and to provide impactful intelligence.
• Perform the first, second or third verification of any identification.
• Perform quality checks of the known samples taken as reference enrolments.
• Gain and maintain skills in the development and enhancement of friction ridge detail in a laboratory environment.
• Produce timely reports, to the appropriate standard, detailing biometric matches to a range of UK DEF partners and customers.
• Provide written statements on work carried out and provide verbal testimony in a court of law when required.
• Carry out appropriate Quality Assurance, peer checks, audits and communicate with customers, partners and suppliers to ensure continuous improvement to quality, timeliness and cost.
• Working with others, assist in the introduction of new, or maintenance of existing, Risk Assessments, SOP’s, training material and briefing packs.
• Deliver valuable training in forensic recovery and preservation techniques to military units and others during their training and/or pre-deployment activities.
• Have opportunities for deployment to a forward location or other laboratory environment in support of operations as an LPE.


We are looking for someone who has:
• A demonstrated ability as a Fingerprint Specialist in a recognized UK fingerprint bureau with validated experience of at least 3 years.
• (If currently practicing in a bureau with ISO accreditation), demonstrable competence under your current quality system. (If not currently practicing), been listed on the National Register of Fingerprint Experts.
• An understanding of the legal requirements for forensic science.
• Practical, solid understanding of MS Office applications, data collection and database use.
• A desire to continuously improve and refine working practices, tools and techniques to the benefit of the team, our partners and customers.
• The skills to encourage and mentor others to embrace change and develop the skills to better meet future challenges


Training programme up to and including the Advanced Fingerprint Course (or equivalent)