Secondary Supply Teacher - NAY03617

  • Job Reference: 00050965-1
  • Date Posted: 29 October 2020
  • Employer: North Ayrshire Council
  • Location: Various Locations In North Ayrshire
  • Salary: £27,498 to £41,412
  • Sector: Education, Government & Defence
  • Job Type: Part Time

Job Description

New applicants must submit an application on-line.  You will be notified of the next stage of recruitment by email.   

Once the checks have been completed and are satisfactory you will be added to the Supply List for the current session.

Previous applicants to the Supply List for previous sessions need not re-apply at this time.

If working days go beyond 2 subsequent days the additional attached Role Profile comes in line with the LNCT Terms & Conditions.


To be responsible and accountable for teaching duties in accordance with the Council's overall Education and Youth Employment objectives.


Corporate Responsibilities

To deliver an effective education service in accordance with the Council's corporate policies and procedures and  relevant strategy provision.
To understand information management and security issues and work in line with legislation and Council policies and guidelines, ensuring that information is used, shared and managed appropriately.
To undertake any other reasonably required duties, consistent with duties detailed in Part 2 Section 2 of the SNCT Handbook of Conditions of Service, as directed by the Executive Director (Education and Youth Employment) or nominee, in addition to the role specific tasks & responsibilities detailed below.

Role Specific Tasks & Responsibilities

To deliver effective teaching services in accordance with the directions of the headteacher or other promoted staff.
To undertake such services in pursuit of good practice including a commitment to pupil and parent/carer focus.
Teaching assigned class(es) including correction of work, as part of ongoing classwork and maintaining a record of work.
Promoting and safeguarding the health, welfare and safety of pupils.
Working in partnership with support staff and other professionals in class.
Maintaining positive behaviour of pupils, contributing towards good order and the wider needs of the school







Qualification & Registration

  • GTCS registration
  • Required to join the PVG Scheme for this type of regulated work
  • Professional recognition by GTCS
  • Other relevant qualifications
  • Application Form
  • Interview
  • Pre Employment Check


  • Experience in teaching, using a range of teaching strategies
  • Experience of teaching pupils at different stages and, where appropriate, in presenting pupils for National Qualifications.
  • Application Form
  • References
  • Interview

**  Professional Values & Personal Commitment

  • Is familiar with NAC child protection etc
  • Evidence of a commitment to improving practice and widening areas of expertise
  • Has positive relationships with pupils, professional colleagues and other professionals
  • Has a professional commitment to seeking, accepting and acting upon constructive advice on progress
  • Evidence of Continuous Professional Development
  • Evidence of self-evaluation
  • Supporting positive and active partnerships within the community


  • Application Form
  • References
  • Interview

**  Professional Knowledge & Understanding

  • Knowledge of the curricular framework, e.g. Curriculum for Excellence
  • Knowledge of how current developments can support effective teaching and learning
  • Commitment to support the development of young people to develop their skills in literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of, for example sustainable development, equal opportunities, additional support needs, citizenship, internal education, education for work, enterprise.
  • Application Form
  • References
  • Interview


**  Professional Skills & Abilities

  • Effective classroom management & organisation skills
  • Ability to use a variety of media and interact productively with pupils individually and collectively
  • Ability to manage pupil behaviour fairly, sensitively and consistently
  • Ability to work co-operatively with other staff and parents
  • Ability to respond sensitively and appropriately to challenging situations
  • Evidence of effective strategies to support a wide range of pupils' needs
  • Experience of working with other professionals
  • Experience of working with colleagues in moderation activities
  • Experience of making connections, across different areas of the curriculum, e.g. through inter disciplinary learning
  • Application Form
  • References
  • Interview


  • Ability to travel throughout North Ayrshire
  • Ability to teach other subjects
  • Application Form
  • Interview
  • Post Employment Check


** The Standards for Registration are actively implemented in teaching establishments within North Ayrshire Council.  Evidence of demonstration of this will be explored as part of the recruitment process.  Further information on the Standard can be found on the General Teaching Council Scotland (GTCS) website.

Additional Information

Regulated Work with Children;

This post is considered Regulated Work with Children, under the Protection of Vulnerable Groups (Scotland) Act, 2007.  Therefore, it is an offence to apply if you are barred from working with children.

Preferred candidates will be required to join the PVG Scheme, or undergo a PVG Scheme Update check, prior to confirmation of employment being made by North Ayrshire Council.  Please note, successful candidates will be expected to meet the cost of the relevant PVG check (£59 or £18), which will be deducted in instalments from your wages following commencement of employment.  For further information on the PVG Scheme please visit .  For further details on North Ayrshire Council's policy please visit .