Systems Engineers and Technical Consultants

Job Description


Do you have an inquisitive mind?

Do you love problem solving?

Are you passionate about information and intelligence systems, love understanding the enterprise level and want to protect the UK and help Save Lives?
The opportunity to draw together complex system and exploit state of the art research into the military to give our country the winning-edge awaits you.

We are looking for motivated Technical Consultants / Systems Engineers to apply analytical thinking and reasoning to diverse tasks, seeking out new, high-risk, high payoff technologies.
You'll be given the freedom to think and innovate; working with like-minded people, from within MOD, academia, industry and wider government who are passionate about delivering high quality technical solutions in a friendly and supportive environment.

You'll need to have experience in one or more of the following areas:
• A motivation to apply critical thinking and problem solving to numerous Defence challenges.
• The ability to apply systems thinking, engineering principles and scientific thoroughness.
• Complex system design.
• Technical consultancy.
• A good understanding of information and intelligence systems, networks and processing.
• Experience of working collaboratively including with industry and academia
• Proven technical communication skills with a diverse array of government partners.

Job description

Ministry of Defence sensors capture hundreds of Terabytes of data per hour; images, radar, speech, text, maps. We must bring this avalanche of data together to access the vital insights and extract critical information that keeps our Defence and Security one step ahead of our adversaries. No one can read it all these days, so making the links and protecting the UK at home and abroad depends on coherent information and intelligence systems. These may include the sensors, the fusion of human & machine information, the infrastructure and the automated analysis to ensure the right people have the right information at the right time. That’s where you come in.

With a strong technical ability and the right personal skills you will get to know the problems of the military front line commands & beyond. Drawing together research and technology as part of the wider defence & security enterprise, we seek to develop the technological advantage to keep our Armed Forces safe. We also ensure we are focussing on adapting efficiently to the future in a fast paced world.
Working with the military and government community you will apply systems engineering and technical consultancy skills to understand their requirements, to help them understand what new technology can do to draw out intelligence from across the enterprise to make a real difference.

You'll work across the MOD, Government and with our partners in industry and academia in the UK and abroad.

As a prerequisite we ask for a strong ability for systems thinking, ability to work with military and government customers, build a broad understanding of a range of ‘information & intelligence’ technologies and how they link together, as well as innovation, drive and initiative.

We are seeking experienced Systems Engineers, information architects and technical consultants who wish to apply their expertise to real world challenges that Defence faces from the collection, fusion, analysis, understanding and dissemination of sensor data and intelligence information. Data and information fusion, and intelligence production is a priority technology area for Defence, and we encourage applications from specialists in this field.


Technical consultants & systems engineers in the Cyber and Information Systems (CIS) division, provide high impact expertise to MOD, Security Agencies and across UK Government departments. We are primarily focussed on developing the best tools and techniques to boost the processing and exploitation of information and intelligence to support national security through improved intelligence products. We achieve this by:

• Working within multidisciplinary teams across the organisation and more widely, including UK government agencies and international partners.
• Guiding and leading scientific research by industry and academia.
• Working coherently with diverse partners across government.
• Keeping knowledge and skills current in the rapidly developing field of information and intelligence systems.

We need you to have:
• A proven interest in technical consultancy / systems engineering.
• The ability to influence and work with senior military and government stakeholders, draw out their requirements and help them understand the art of the possible.
• Experience in technical partnering, working with industry to guide them to deliver the most useful output from their projects.
• The ability to interpret the requirements of a project and plan a programme of work to meet those requirements.
• The ability to manage structured work programmes involving complex and/or multiple projects.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
• Evidence of ability to employ scientific research methods – analytical, independent, critical and curious analysis of data, literature reviews.
• Experience of technical consultancy / systems engineering in complex technical environments.
• Experience of working with and/or leading multi-organisational teams.
Knowledge and experience in one or more of the following areas:
• Experience of working in the digital, data science or machine learning/artificial intelligence sector
• Experience in government intelligence production
• Experience of working with the UK defence and security sector.
• Experience of working with a diverse array of technical and non-technical stakeholders
• Experience of delivering high quality technical solutions.

• The ability to plan for effective project implementation, often working closely with a project manager, including the management of tasks, people and resources to plan and budget.
• An understanding of data science engineering – such as the design of algorithms, exploiting distributed computing techniques.