Our commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant

CAMOR are a small UK based company specialising in security training worldwide. Our current staff headcount is made up of 50% veterans and reservists. We have recognised the value of their transferable skills acquired through training and operational deployment in their military service. We, and our clients, have benefited greatly from this expertise and in return we feel we have helped them with the transition from military to civilian life.

We recognise the importance of our reservists continued service requirements by supporting their training programme through being flexible with terms of employment and also, where necessary, granting extra paid/unpaid leave to accommodate this subject to operational needs. As a company CAMOR are committed to and continually promote and advertise our support for the military, reserve forces and their families through many mediums including UK and International Security Conferences, our company website, social media and internal briefings. 

‚ÄčAbout us

CAMOR provide globally Integrated Risk and Security Solutions. Our security experts have advised UK and International Governments and business extensively, ensuring people, assets and reputations are safe and secure. As members of the Register of Security Engineers and Specialists (RSES), we are recognised by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) as providing the benchmark of professional quality and leading in the field of Insider Risk and Employee Vulnerability.

CAMOR’s experts assess vulnerabilities and collaboratively develop plans with clients to mitigate and respond to threats from terrorism, organised crime, espionage, hostile actors and insider risks. Our proprietary Integrated Risk and Security Management System equips our clients with the required knowledge, skills and confidence to handle any threat or critical incident, working through the framework of: Prevent; Prepare; Respond and Recover. CAMOR’s project management and execution team encompasses more than 300 years of experience in International Emergency Services. Highly experienced in the security field our associates are dedicated to ensuring the highest levels of quality and service delivery.