Northamptonshire CCG's


Our commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant

As a system, Northamptonshire is committed to attracting, developing and retaining a highly skilled workforce.  The armed services, and their families, are a workforce that possesses these skills. Each NHS organisation in Northamptonshire has signed the armed forces covenant and is committed to honouring its aims. 

As a healthcare economy, members of our system take part in a regular LIVE chat to answer any queries about NHS working that potential service leavers or military family members may have about NHS careers.  This includes signposting to any relevant vacancy the candidate is interested in and any contacts within the NHS that could assist them.

About us

Northamptonshire CCG’s combine NHS Nene and NHS Corby CCG’s.  The CCG’s have a variety of admin, pharmacy, HR, Finance and management roles.  As well as internal roles the CCG also has great links in terms of recruiting too and developing the primary care workforce in Northamptonshire.  This includes, but is not limited to, General Practitioner, Nursing, Direct Patient Care and Admin roles.  Alongside primary care management we have grown the primary care workforce significantly over the last 3 years and are committed to maintaining and sustaining this.

Within Northamptonshire we have two acute hospitals, one community and mental health NHS Trust, 69 GP Practices and Northamptonshire CCG’s.  We also have private mental health and acute providers, meaning the opportunities for a career in health within Northamptonshire are vast and varied.