Royal Naval Sailing Association


‚ÄčOur commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant

The Royal Naval Sailing Association (RNSA) is absolutely integrated into the ethos of the Royal Navy and moreover its complete output is about delivering as a Service Sports Association. The Trustees, staff and volunteers are all either in the military, have Service backgrounds or are closely connected with the Royal Navy. RNSA is committed to the Armed Forces Covenant and whilst it only has a small paid staff, it absolutely upholds the key principles that underpin it. The energy, motivation and successes are all drawn from the strong relationship between its military and civilian linkages and promoting these across the wider sailing community.

‚ÄčAbout us

The Royal Naval Sailing Association (RNSA) is both a charity and a Service Sports Association. We have over 5000 members and exist to help improve the military efficiency of the Naval Service by getting sailors and marines sailing, whether they be regulars or reserves. RNSA owns a fleet of yachts, dinghies, windsurfers and support craft, which we use across a wide range of activities to deliver sailing from grassroots to elite levels. Hugely reliant on the energy and enthusiasm of volunteers and the generosity of donors and members alike, the small permanent staff provide the enablers for success. Fun, varied and genuinely making a difference to RN/RM, the RNSA is dynamic, ambitious and innovative as it looks to its future role.