Tom Harrison House


Our commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant


Tom Harrison House has signed the Armed Forces Covenant and has been awarded the Defence Employee Recognition Scheme Gold Award. As a service providing therapies for still-serving, reservists, veterans and military families we bring a military ethos to addiction recovery, designed specifically to support those with military connections. This is the driving force of our organisation and has encouraged the development of a programme that embraces the physical, educational and teamwork elements over just talking therapies.

Through our commitment to supporting those with a military background who are affected by addiction, we have organised events, conferences and working groups created with the purpose of bringing the issues experienced by military personnel facing addiction problems to the fore.

Working in partnership with military charities and organisations, we raise awareness of the issues faced by military personnel seeking support for issues often exacerbated by their experiences during service. Our mix of ex-military and civilian staff are encouraged to take an active interest in the complex challenges faced by military personnel.

About us

Based in Liverpool, Tom Harrison House is an addiction recovery centre for military veterans, reservists, emergency services personnel, and their families. The project operates from its main centre in Anfield and also comprises three abstinent recovery houses, where clients reside for the duration of their time on the main programme.

As an addiction recovery facility specifically for Armed Forces veterans and reservists, the Tom Harrison House programme was designed from the outset to recognise and address the difficult issues faced by the UK Armed Forces community. To this end, the programme is focused primarily on providing support to ex-military personnel, and their carers and families, via a bespoke model which aims to treat addiction within the context of those who have a history of military service (with emphasis placed on the role of co-occurring trauma, safety, confidentiality, and camaraderie, as well as reintegration into “civilian” communities). The programme’s support staff also assist veterans with numerous associated issues, which may include medical issues, housing, benefit entitlements, etc.