TVS Supply Chain Solutions


Our commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant

TVS SCS recognises the value serving personnel, reservists, veterans and military families bring to our business. We will seek to uphold the principles of the Armed Forces Covenant, by: 

TVS SCS employs a number of veterans and recognises the value they bring to the company. We will use our internal and external websites, employee and customer newsletters to promote our armed forces friendly policy; providing details of our participation in MOD programmes, for development and employment of military personnel. 

TVS SCS is an Equal Opportunities employer, receptive to recruitment and retention of employees of all ages. When advertising externally we will state that we welcome applicants from the services, or their spouse/partners/Families. 

TVS SCS welcomes the opportunity to consider spouses/partners of military personnel for employment. 

TVS SCS employees who are close family of military personnel who request leave in connection with their spouse/partner’s deployment will be treated sympathetically and every effort made to accommodate their request, as per the provisions included in our Absence policy. 

TVS SCS offers additional annual leave to those in the reserve forces when attending training camps.

About us

TVS SCS offers customers a wide range of solutions tailor made to meet their exacting requirements. Our technology-led ethos allows us to transform supply chains, building resilience and growth-ready solutions that scale with business ambitions.

Our collaborative approach with our customers and focus on technological innovation has positioned us as a global leader in supply chain management. Our annual turnover exceeds US$1bn, operating across 25 countries and employing some 17,800 people worldwide.

Key to our offering is our ability to manage inventory strategically, ensuring the highest availability is maintained with the lowest level of stock manageable which improves cash flow. Supported by our end-to-end global procurement solution we deliver the best value, whilst ensuring the quality and integrity of the supply chain. 

Our expertise spans across multiple public and private sector industries including Automotive, Beverage, Defence, Rail, Healthcare and Utilities.