WH Management Group


Our commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant

Our commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant stems from being founded by a former regular Army Officer who continues in the Army Reserve today. The values and standards of the British Army echo through WH and our unique selling point are the people who make up our staff, recruited primarily as veterans, reservists or their dependants.

Over the past decade we have encountered a number of situations within our team; mental/physical health, financial concerns or just a struggle to adapt to civilian life.  We actively help with the transition to a stable and team orientated civilian or reservist career, providing emergency accommodation and financial assistance in extreme cases. We are proud to say that we have helped a number of people struggling to make this transition at various stages of their lives and hope to help many more in the future.

Alongside actively promoting veterans, reservists and dependants, WH also work hard with other efforts such as Armed Forces Day, the RBL and the Woodland Warrior Programme.

About us

WH Management Group is a private security and event management company where we tailor solutions to any client’s need while working closely with key elements of the UK’s security services. We however not only provide high profile event security but also close protection, intelligence services, private firefighting, large animal rescue, medical support, as well as an explosive detection dog capability.

While our capabilities are broad, the skills and experiences of our staff allow WH to deliver the services we provide in a concise, efficient and a bespoke manner.  Maintaining a tight knit and regular team allows us to know our staff well and their wellbeing is a priority.  Knowing our employee’s wives/husbands/children’s names and having a “family feel” is paramount to how we operate and are able to cater for family commitments that are vital in a work / life balance.

65% of our employees are either serving reservists or veterans with the balance coming from dependants and the blue light services.