Forces Families Jobs is for overseas families too

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Forces Families Jobs is for overseas families too

Being a military family member and moving around with your Serving partner can bring many positives, especially when it comes to accompanying them on an overseas posting and being able to sample life in another country. It can also bring with it some challenges and career support in general can be one of those. Forces Families Jobs (FFJs) is free to use and is there for every Serving family connected to the Armed Forces, wherever you are in the world.

FFJs isn't just a job site

It's about exploring what is out there for you on your own personal developmental journey, whatever that may mean for you. There are many training courses available through FFJs such as a free, award winning course on learning how to maximize how you use social media by BFBS. It might be that you don't feel 'job­ready' yet but instead a course on building your CV, preparing for interviews and being confident in applying for that first interview might be better for you.

Or maybe finding a job just isn't for you! Entertaining the thought of volunteering might be more appealing as a way of meeting new people in a new local community, building up your confidence, or even as a way of trying out new job opportunity pathways.

Taking your businesses with you

Many of you have your own 'mobile' businesses set up already which you can take with you; possibly helped by one of the free training courses on offer through FFJs. This includes organisations such as X-Forces Enterprise or Supporting the Unsung Hero who offer courses where you are not only given free comprehensive training to bring your business to life - you are joining a whole new supportive network too, who all have their own share of overseas knowledge.

Finding work whilst overseas

Some of you may be going out on an overseas tour with a view to finding work whilst out there (which we strongly advise you research before you go). The three Families Federations are currently discussing with the MOD how we can collectively develop a streamlined approached to advertising overseas job vacancies on military units through FFJs, so do watch this space and talk to us if you experience any key issues. The facility is there at the moment but currently there are many different 'routes in' which aren’t always straightforward. It can be rather confusing at the moment!

Career Support Guide

Under the 'Career Advice' section of FFJs, you'll find an introduction to Helen Massy's free career guide for military families on the move, called Career Pursuit.

Author of Career Pursuit, Helen Massy said:

"Moving with the military can have an impact on your career. I have been a military partner/spouse for over 17 years and during that time I have completely changed my career. Career pursuit had been designed to help military spouses and veterans facing a similar transition."