January Webinar for RAF Families on Career Support

Monday, January 4, 2021

Image of a man and a woman in a work environment giving each other a 'high five'

We invite you to join our free lunchtime webinar on Thursday 21 January 2021 from 1-2 pm to find out how our team at the RAF Families Federation can offer career support to you as an RAF family member. We’ll also be welcoming speakers from other organisations; part of a wide network who can offer really interesting (and often free) courses, groups and other opportunities.

As part of our new 2021 themed campaign series, we start with January and February’s focus on ‘Career and Financial Support’. Meet some of the friendly team during this 45-minute webinar who will also share short case studies of how we’ve helped family members during 2020 both in the UK and overseas. There will also be presenters from:

So if it’s a training course you are after, a network to join, finding a new job or to dip your toe into some volunteering – this session will be useful to you.

We’re here for overseas families too

We’re mindful that whatever time we choose, it won’t work for all overseas locations but we will be recording the webinar so that you can watch it at a time that suits you.

Any questions or comments you may have, please send those to caroline.woodward@raf-ff.org.uk in advance so that we can also address your questions during the presentation itself.

Click on the poster below to activate the registration button:

Webinar poster for 21 Jan 2021 from 1-2 pm.

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