Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce & Industry


Our commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant               

We recognise the contribution that all Service personnel, reservists, veterans, the cadet movement, and military families can make to an organisation, our community and to the country. We will seek to uphold the principles of the Armed Forces Covenant by:

  • Promoting the Armed Forces
  • Employment support to members of Armed Forces families
  • Physical and Mental Health Support
  • Housing Support
  • Education Support
  • endeavouring to offer a degree of flexibility in granting leave for Service spouses and partners before, during and after a partner’s deployment.
  • aiming to actively participate in Armed Forces Day.

No member of the Armed Forces Community should face disadvantages arising from their service in the provision of public and commercial services.

About us

Supporting enterprise and entrepreneurship is essential to ensure a growing, innovative and diverse economy.

We will focus on the needs of our members and customers and find ways to provide programs, services and benefits that are cost-effective, beneficial and convenient.

  • Excellence. We will deliver programs, services and products that will be evaluated by our members and customers as state of the art and of the highest quality.
  • Diversity. We will view diversity in gender, culture, ethnicity, professional background and size of firm/organisation as strengths to be sought and utilised in The Chamber.
  • Leadership. We will be visionary and future-oriented in our thinking, decision-making and programming.
  • Integrity. We will be open and fair; honour our commitments; and adhere to high ethical standards and objectives.
  • Participation. We will seek broad and active participation of our members in programs and in the governance of the organisation.
  • Relationships. We will build and enhance relationships and public/private partnerships within the organisation and community as a core value of membership, learning from and with each other.