Success stories

Megan Green, an Army spouse living in Germany secured her new job with Forces Families Jobs.

Here's her story:

Before you signed up for FFJ, can you tell us about any issues or challenges you had in the past with finding work? 

Especially when we arrived over here, I’d applied for a school job but it didn’t quite work. The application didn’t get seen in time for the deadline, and it was just a case of trying to find a job that worked around my son to help us out a bit and get him into nursery.  

How did you hear about FFJ? 

I heard about it from the coffee morning and also through Facebook as well so for about a month I’d sat with the website ready to go.  

How easy did you find it to use? 

It’s actually quite easy. There’s a search bar and all you’ve got to do is type in your area, so I typed in Sennelager and the NAAFI job came up. It was straightforward to click on the job, and it would tell you the job description, and then clicking the apply button and you went through the system, registering and adding you CV, and that was it, it was done. I sent it, and then it was fingers crossed waiting to hear about the job. Applying was really straightforward, it took about 5 to 10 minutes.  

How did it compare to your previous experience of applying for jobs here? 

It’s definitely a lot easier than doing it any other way. 

What does getting a job mean to you? 

Getting a job was to get me out and about, getting me working again as I’d spent nearly two years not working. It also meant I could get my son into nursery, which has helped him a lot and it gives us that extra stability of being able to pay the bills. It just makes our family life a lot better because we’ve got two incomes coming in rather than just relying on one to do everything.  

What top tips would you give people who are looking for work here? 

Have a look on FFJ to see if there are any jobs, and also speaking to other people. It’s just a case of listening out.  

How did the employer (NAAFI) support you through the application process? 

They were amazing – it was straightforward and they were very helpful.  

What’s changed for you since COVID-19? 

The only thing that’s changed is the amount of hours that I do. NAAFI have allowed me to work a couple of hours in the morning so that I can still get my wage. They’ve been really helpful with that. If anything changes and my son goes back to nursery, I can change my hours and be flexible.  

How quickly were NAAFI able to reassure you and get that new system in place? 

Within about 2 days of them knowing the nursery was shutting down, my line manager and supervisor were both quick to reassure me, saying they would work around it. Within 3 days I was working my new hours.  

Would you recommend that people consider other employment? 

I definitely would. This is a completely different job for me and I’ve enjoyed it. It’s been smooth, the bosses have been really helpful. It’s something I would definitely recommend to give you a different skill set from what you’re used to if that type of  job is not available. It’s definitely worth it.  

What’s the best thing about your job?

In the mornings it’s nice to have a chat with everyone, it’s just a nice start to the morning. 



‘I found it hard to get interviews and found when I did employers couldn't be flexible enough with regards to childcare when my husband goes away. I spent 18 months applying for jobs and eventually gave up until I met Lucy and Wendy from NFF. They reminded me about Forces Families Jobs and showed me the positives about being a military wife and how these can translate to my CV.'    AnnMarie, Royal Marines spouse 

We’re delighted to be able to share AnnMarie’s story of how she found work through Forces Families Jobs.  She will be starting as a teaching assistant at a school in Dundee after Easter this year. 

We asked her about the challenges of finding work, how she found the process of using the site, what getting a job means to her, whether her new employer has been understanding of the military lifestyle and what advice she has for other spouses. 

See what she has to say...and please share your success stories with us too.