Elliot Brown


Our commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant

The military community isn't something we intended to become part of when we started the business but now we are totally ‘in’ as an established military partner, we enjoy the ethos and sense of responsibility our military family members bring and feel indebted to them and the military. We have an understanding approach to the social and family pressures of military life and the scars it so often leaves.

We will always aim to give and do more.

About us

We are a relatively small watch business based next door to the Royal Marines in Poole, We’re from the world of adrenaline sports and outdoors so we’re not your average watch company. Instead we are totally anti fashion, creating some of the worlds most durable watches which inevitably led us to a conversation with RM Poole to make their issued (work) watches.

We’re not from military backgrounds ourselves, our business has taken us into the community via our ultra durable watches that are naturally chosen by those needing a reliable time keeper no matter how harsh the conditions. Our business is next door to RM Poole where we have naturally made many friends. It's these friendships that have led us and our business into widely supporting the military community and their families in Poole and beyond via charitable commitments, employment opportunities, business advice, re-employment, mentoring able and disabled veterans and often simply just being good listeners with a big kettle and bottomless supply of biscuits.