Goodwill Solutions CIC


Our commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant

Goodwill Solutions CIC has been a supporter of forces leavers since its creation in 2008, we have employed many forces leavers, indeed our Warehouse Operations Manager is ex-Army.  We have a reservist policy and are energetic supporters of those working to improve the lot of both leavers and reservists through our active support for the Northamptonshire Borough Council Covenant Forum, engagement with RFCA and involvement in the running of the Edgar Mobbs Business Engagement dinner (hosted by the DRM).  In 2022 Goodwill Solutions was awarded Gold ERS status.  Our company social aims strategy document makes clear our commitment to leavers and supporting them through work opportunities and vocational training.

About us

Goodwill Solutions CIC

Founded in 2008, our goal as a Community Interest Company is to help the local community through the creation of various projects and schemes designed to improve social welfare. In 2011 the University of Northampton became a key partner to our business and together we deliver a unique business model that is not only a highly profitable business but also benefits the local community.

Providing a uniquely flexible approach to logistics, at Goodwill Solutions we don't look to push your logistics or storage needs into a standard automated process.

We believe that the key to success in the ever changing 3rd Party Logistics Landscape is to create bespoke solutions which meet the evolving needs of our clients, providing quality service at competitive prices.

With 4 locations and a total of 410,000 square feet of storage space we are large enough to deliver great service and value for money but small enough to be adaptable and fast moving in response to the changing needs of your business.